Top 10

Top 10 Backup Solution Essentials

Why each of these categories is critical, and how RDB excels where other options fail.

1. Affordability: Inexpensive Backup Service

  • How much will you pay for replaceable media and hardware? How much time will it take to design a system, set up the process, administer backups and take them offsite daily? How much will it cost for a data recovery specialist to restore your data?
  • Bottom line: Our service provides unlimited backup and retrieval of your data or entire system for a low fixed cost, with no hardware, replaceable media or support expenses.

2. Reliability: A Rock Solid Backup Solution

  • Our service is built on rock solid software technology and ultra-secure, mirrored data centers with redundant bandwidth & power and historical 99.99% data availability.
  • Backup media (tape, DVD, CD, Jaz, Zip or floppy) is notoriously failure-prone. Backup media are vulnerable to environmental damage (heat, sunlight, humidity, liquids, dust) and human mishandling (scratched, bent and dropped, lost or stolen).
  • Magnetic backup media (external, RAID drives, USB, etc.) are also subject to environmental and human risks, and are frequently damaged electromagnetic fields emitted by televisions, monitors, speakers and other electronic devices.
  • Bottom line: Other backup options are simply too vulnerable to reliably protect your mission-critical data.

3. Data Protection: A Remote Backup Solution

  • Storing your PC data offsite protects against natural disasters such as fire, flood, hurricane, tornado, lightning, solar flares and earthquakes;
  • Protects your computer hard drive from theft (laptop theft is very common) and sabotage.
  • Bottom line: Onsite backup solutions protect only against certain technical disasters.

4. Data Security: Secure Data Storage & Recovery

  • Where do you store your backups — in your office, at home, in your glove compartment? Is your data encrypted or even password protected?
  • Bottom line: No other backup option can match the level of security that Online Data Backups offers — transmitted and stored in government-level 128-bit AES encrypted format over a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and securely stored at our two mirrored, world-class data centers.

5. Convenience: Easy, Automated Data Protection

  • Our automatic backups save at least 10 minutes a day over manual backups. At $20 an hour, that translates into about $67 a month in savings!
  • We optimize transfers using superior compression and delta block incremental technology.
  • Our intuitive online backup software is easy for a non-technical person to set up and run. Never again will you need to wait or pay an expensive IT technician to restore your files.
  • Bottom line: Never again will you or your employees spend the time (or forget) to run backups – they run automatically every night on the backup schedule you set.

6. Capacity: Protect All Your Important Data

  • Can you really fit all your important data on replaceable media (Zip, Jaz, CD, DVD)?
  • Bottom line: Remote Data Backups protects up to 30 GB of selected data. Versioning, deselected files and duplicates don’t count against your total.

7. Remote File Access: Retrieve Files from the Web

  • Can you retrieve your backup files from any PC (home, travelling, sales meeting, etc.)?
  • Bottom line: Enjoy the convenience of being able to access your data files 24/7 from literally any computer with Internet access.

8. File Versioning: Rollback Files

  • Can you easily roll back a file you changed, overwrote, or deleted?
  • Bottom line: Restore up to 10 previous versions of any backed up file, for up to 30 days (whichever occurs first). We store files deleted off your system for 30 days, just in case.

9. Full System Backup: Quick, Complete Recovery

  • Can you easily restore your entire hard drive (data, programs, preferences, Windows registry files) after a crash?
  • Bottom line: If you have RDB’s 10 or 30 GB full system backup, you completely restore your computer and be back to normal in minutes.

10. Support: FREE Help Whenever You Need It

  • Do you have data recovery service to call if your in-house backup solution fails? How much do they charge?
  • Bottom line: Need backup, restore or recovery help? We’re here for you, toll free 24/7.

Is Your DATA Safe?
Protect your most valuable asset with the most cost-effective, automated, secure and reliable offsite backup solution available.
Click here to learn more and start your FREE 30-Day Online Backup Trial.


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