Remote Data Backups Could Save The Day

Computer crashes are a fact of life.Computer crashes are a fact of life. Even if we try to avoid them by keeping our machines in top shape, chances are that they’ll still happen every few years. Crashes have the worst timing, too – they always happen right before a big deadline, and don’t leave you a lot of choices.

If you’ve ever experienced a crash of this kind, you’re probably aware that backing up your data is important. However, you don’t just want to back it up on disk. Locally backed up data can be lost, too. Instead, use reliable remote data backup software to make sure that your information is always safe.

You won’t have to spend a lot of time and money on the chance that you’ll get your files back. Instead, even if there’s a crash, you’ll be able to get access to everything you need with just a few mouse clicks. Remotely access your data using your account number and password, and you can download all files you’ve already backed up. If your regular computer is down, you’ll still be able to get to these files from any computer with access to the Internet.

Remember that while local, physical backups such as tape drives and disc backups are a good idea, they’re not a foolproof safety net. Many small businesses lose their computers and backups to flooding, fire, theft or other disasters that could be prevented with remote data backup methods. You’ll never know when you need to access a file – remote data backups can help you do so. You’ll even be able to get to your files while you’re traveling. That makes doing business on the road a lot easier. No matter where you are when you need to get to a file, remote data backups provide a safe way to do it.

If you’re dedicated to providing good service and keeping your clients, choose to back up your data remotely with a service you trust. You’ll save money, keep business, and earn more referrals as clients tell other people that you’re reliable. Backing up your data remotely just makes good sense.

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7 Myths About Online Backups

Dispelling 7 Common Misconceptions about Online Backups

1. I’ll never need it.
Face it, hard drives are not built to last. Over 6% completely fail in a given year. Data corruption, viruses & worms, hackers and disgruntled employees can all wipe out all your important files. An estimated 25% of all computers suffer a major data loss in a year.

Even if you never need a full hard drive recovery, you’ll likely use our handy rollback feature to quickly restore a previous version of your files. How often have you or your employees accidentally overwritten, deleted or changed an important file, then spent hours trying to find or recreate it?

2. It isn’t safe to transfer my critical files over the Internet.
Actually, your data is completely safe.

  • Files are transmitted and stored through Secure Socket Layer (SSL) in bank-level 128-Bit AES encryption using a personal key only you have access to. We can’t see your data even if we wanted to.
  • We also protect you against disgruntled employees: You can add or change your password for another layer of security, and recover files 90 days after they’ve been deleted from your backup set.
  • Our two enterprise, mirrored data centers boast 99.99% historic uptime, using the industry’s best hardware (EMC Storage Machines, Cisco Firewalls) and featuring redundant power with backup generators and redundant bandwidth with multiple providers. They are separated by over 1000 miles to ensure uptime against near apocalyptic conditions.
  • Both data centers also employ top-level physical security including fingers scanners, motion detectors and camera tracking.

3. I already back up to Tape, CD, DVD, Zip drive, etc.
Manual backups are tedious, time consuming and unreliable. Fact is, they rarely get taken offsite or done at all. And even if you reliably store them in a safety deposit box, you aren’t protected against natural disasters such as fires, floods, etc. Remote Data Backups is automated, secure, fast, flawless and offsite.

4. I won’t know how to use it.
Our simple, intuitive software is designed to be fast and easy for the novice computer user to backup and restore their own files. Our Website features simple screenshot instructions and a searchable knowledge base. Questions? Our friendly expert technicians are available 24/7 through our toll-free number.

5. I can’t afford it.
Automated backups pay for themselves, saving your staff hours each week normally spent on performing manual backups, offsite storage and tricky file recoveries. Our backup plans start at just $9.95 a month.

6. Why should I trust my mission critical data to an Internet company I don’t know?
View the logos of over 150 franchise organizations using our service, and read 300+ raving testimonials, and you’ll know Remote Data Backups is a company you can trust. Our seasoned staff of IT pros has been specializing in data protection and recovery since 1996, and we’re dedicated to protecting your business, too.

7. I’m still not sure I’m ready to convert to a new backup method.
See how easy, secure and reliable Remote Data Backups is. Take a no-risk, FREE 30-Day Trial today — no credit card required! Please don’t hesitate to call or email me if you have any questions or need help.